December 16, 2020

Company Culture & Safely Returning to Office

By Devin Hiett

Company Culture & Safely Returning to Office

Have you been keeping up with the news?

Then you might have spotted 1Huddle in the recent Wall Street Journal article “Companies Tiptoeing Back to the Office Encounter Legal Minefield,” which was originally published by journalists Te-Ping Chen and Sara Randazzo in the WSJ’s management and career section.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick summary of the article’s top highlights:

As companies across the country begin to reopen amid the ongoing pandemic, navigating the health, safety, and legal challenges around in-person work has prevented thousands of companies from reopening their physical offices. As a small business that values company culture, 1Huddle has been devoted to creating a safe workplace for our team to return to work in our brand new Newark office. 

“We’re not a Walmart or a Jet, or a well-established tech company where you already have a brand built up,” said 1Huddle’s CEO and Founder Sam Caucci. “As a small company, I felt we needed an office to help our culture stay strong.”

1Huddle isn’t requiring any workers to come into the office, but we did want to give our 40-person team the option to safely return. By capping attendance to eight employees, mandating masks, and installing an extra HVAC unit to improve ventilation, we have adapted to the challenges of returning to the office. 1Huddle was founded on the belief that workers should be able to win anytime, anywhere and we wanted to give our team that ability by reopening our headquarters for employees who prefer to work in office.

If this summary enticed you to read more, you can check out the full Wall Street Journal story here, and stay up to date with 1Huddle’s top stories and breaking news by visiting the 1Huddle newsroom.


Devin Hiett, Content Marketing Lead at 1Huddle

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